Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Using Aggregators/Feedreaders

I already had an aggregator called Netvibes which has a clear display with the latest feeds from each blog set out in its own box. I find this much easier visually than the bland listings which seem to appear on other feedreaders.
The benefit to me is naturally that I do not have to clog up my email inbox with these items and can read the ones that interest me when I have time - and store them for referral. I have not yet discovered if you can remove some of the archive but I guess it hardly matters as it is not being stored on my computer - another huge advantage. Because of this exercise I have transferred 1 feed from a daily email to an RSS, added 2 more new ones and will go back to see if I can transfer any more. It's a pity the list serves I use do not have this facility as it would cut down on all the unnecessary messages we get to say someone in unsubscribing or out of the office which inadvertently occur.
For libraries I can see RSS messages could be used to alert library users to a new service, new book list, event etc.
The blog search sites were very disappointing a] American b] didn't find anything interesting on my chosen search terms of 'children reading' - c] Technorati was 'away for repairs' d] the one which had some NZ content was mostly referring to old or not so important news.

It seems the way I will find more feeds is through my usual method of personal recommendations or lists from other blogs I am already familiar with. Presumably I will eventually find another blog troller/trawler.