Monday, July 28, 2008

2nd instalment/aftermath of storm

I am just pleased I managed to find my way back here.
During this recent stormy weekend where our pleasures and amusements had to be indoor ones I would have thought I would have read a lot.
However it mostly boiled down to dvds, cooking and red wine!
So from one librarian to others -
"The bucket list" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman was excellent, gentle and probably would have been a failure without 2 such amazing actors.
"Death at a funeral" was English farce at its very best [even if you hate farce], all actors incredibly good with rather unlikely events set in English country house.
Star Wars for the umpteenth time on tv still seems worth watching.
Blokes enjoyed "The Dark Knight."
Mixed audience from 18 up were alternately impressed and repelled by "A country for old men."
Still have 'Under the mountain' to go!!!!

A look around the neighbourhood saw a lot of storm debris, a chopped up branch and a beach covered in seaweed. Lucky we didn't have power cuts in this area.