Monday, August 25, 2008

Technology note[d]

For me the most useful asset will be when I have learned to download photos onto free hosting sites, especially while and after travelling.
I had given up taking photos in the last few years because of the considerable size of the albums taking up almost a whole cupboard - and leaving it to other family members to create computer files - the easy way out.
Now I feel that I can join people up to my facebook site and they can view the photos when they want to - or mostly if they want to.........

The other great plus to life and work in general from all this web knowledge is the possibility for the general public to create their own tags to store and search for information. I am hoping this becomes part of library practice so that they can contribute to sites/catalogues etc and more easily find what they are looking for - subject headings as proscribed by librarians' systems are not always user friendly - even for librarians. My vision seems to involve a section of a library site or opac they can go to and suggest the tags they would use , which librarians then select and paste in. Let the customer take some control! I haven't got to the other ways of trolling the internet yet but it will be the most intriguing for me I think.

Aaaaah, so that's where people learned all that amazing stuff

I had been aware of people being able to make calendars, name tags, CD covers but didn't know where they found it all. I particularly liked the bighugestuff site where I could make a name badge [in my other job I have student librarians who desperately need badges...] so I will go back to that.I didn't like the idea of the librarian trading cards - well it seems it's just another facebook/myspace etc but I got the impression from the ones I looked at that people who had pretty public jobs were giving out too much unprofessional personal info and it had the potential to give others too much info as well - like where they took the photos, their children's photos etc.

completely gaga

Just spent half an hour figuring out why I can't post to my blog - didn't remember the necessity to simply sign in and was looking for other wondrous features like "Next blog post" or similar.

OK; to Flickr - and can I even spell it?

I really enjoyed the Birkenhead Library's space and could see the potential for collegiality/colleague- e- alness amongst the wider group if each library had one of these. It would also suit people who work at different sites of the same organisation.
Also appreciated Rodney's as the photos were largely of features, visits and events that other NZ librarians may find very useful.
I especially love this seating area. So far this is my favourite library of all at Christchurch South and I have visited it 3 times even though I live on the Shore! One day maybe one of our libraries will look like this.