Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rollyo ho ho

Really liked the idea - but the practice revealed that it searched and found mainly American sites - well in my case 'children's book reviews" it seemed to be all American.
It also didn't say how many it had found which was annoying as I trolled through page after page.
So I'm not sure yet how different it is from doing a google search.

When I registered I was then invited me to enter the url s of the ones I preferred - too much work! May as well just keep them on another site I've already established ..........
Still I will go back and fiddle with it later as there do seem to be some useful features -like being able to attach urls to your own scroll bar and to do it from anywhere - just too complicated for me to absorb all at once at this time of night.

Oh dear, could now become an image freak.

Image generators

Above is the link to the site I used - these could be nice eye catching devices to liven up a notice or a communication with fellow workers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Using Wiki Sandbox

I have no idea what happened but I reinforced my blog link which was already visible!
I tried to join and then thought maybe we didn't have to .....................
Maybe I'll go back later, I thought this would be easy..
I added a photo but in the process messed up someone else's entry, and the text I added and saved does not seem to be there.
This does not live up to the hype of how easy it is.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I love wikis- easy to understand the concept ; most can have relatively simple layout, can be easy to keep confidential and easy to contribute to.
I especially like the opportunity for library users to contribute to book reviews and enhance the service the library can offer - librarians would never be able to keep up the quantity.
Great potential for guidance for parents regarding reading suggestions, high school students for resources and suggestions for study and of course their very own wiki for reading recommendations.

Another way of using them which seems to work well is for consultation,e.g.

on digital strategy.

Of course there is an assumption that contributors have a certain level of expertise - there can be the downside of a variation in knowledge and presentation and it would be a better service if it was mediated.